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Current Projects


Learning about Vietnam Through My Fathers Eyes

I was cleaning out my parent's house when it was time for Mom to go into Independent Living. I found a large garbage bag full of war letters and photos from Dad.  He was in Korea in 1950-1954 and in Vietnam 1970-1971.  In the bag was over 350 letters that Dad wrote while in DaNang, Vietnam, as well as his photos from both wars. I am now working on putting it into a book.

Dad at the Fence Surrounding DaNang Vietnam

Dad ditch digging in Korea

Dad standing.jpeg

Dad near his barracks at DaNang


Let Your Fingers Do the Talking: A Deeper Look into Ashley Madison

While collecting data on the cheating website Ashley Madison, I ended up with over 8000 respondents. The papers currently published on this topic only used 5300. Using a qualitative data program called QDA Minor by Provalis Research, I am able to now take what the respondents said in their surveys and analyze that data for a new book.

Happy Couple

Man and Women cuddling

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