Sexting 101: My First Blog

While I have been researching sex on the internet and sexting before the term became popular, this will be my very first blog on the subject. Actually it is my very first blog at all. The word sexting is when people send pictures of themselves and their body parts via the computer and/or their cell phone or they text the sexual words to another person telling that person what they want to do to them or have done to themselves of a sexual nature. It is phone sex gone high tech. The difference is that once a person hits send, it is sent is written in stone for the person who receives it to do whatever they want with the information. They can either keep it safe; and use it for their own pleasure and for only them to enjoy or they can share it with friends, the media and even the world. We know that this is what gets people in trouble. After an article of mine on sexting and infidelity in cyberspace hit the media this summer, journalists coined the term Weinergate, to refer to Rep. Anthony Weiner whose private parts were found to have been floating around on Facebook and had been inappropriately sent to other women while married. Since this story broke, Weiner has lost his job, almost lost his marriage, and most certainly his reputation. Did he leave the internet and actually meet those women? He and those women are the only ones who really know that for sure. My research has found that if individuals find someone they like online they typically are going to meet them face-to-face. Then there are those who keep getting caught because they are sending minors pictures of themselves and their naked private parts. Just this week, a California assistant football coach who last summer sent a young girl text messages with nude photographs and a video of himself masturbating was sentenced to prison, while a 20 year old Houston man was caught sending his favorite pictures of his private parts to a young girl he met in church of all places. We know that when politicians do this it can ruin their careers and it is stupid, and that adults who send pictures to children it is against the law. However, what about when children send pictures of themselves to other kids? Is that just a childhood prank? Is it kind of like when my generation mooned our friends by sticking our naked butts out of car windows? We didn’t think twice about it. Well, kids think it is similar, but the laws haven’t caught up. For instance, the problems happen when a 15 year old decides to send a picture of her 34 DDD breasts to her boyfriend on her cell phone. She thinks it is just going to him. However, he sends it to his friend, who keeps on sending it on. Before anyone knows it, the picture is all way through the junior high and the high school, she and her boyfriend have been suspended from school. She is horrified. Her parents are very upset. Worse than that they can be arrested and have to register as a sex offender. It is always best to think twice before hitting send.


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  1. So glad to see you are blogging! You certainly picked a hot topic to begin and I am sure it will bring your blog many visitors. I’m currently reading “Cognitive Surplus” by Clay Shirpy. If you get to thinking the social networks are evil, I recommend this one for some balance.

    • I would never think social networks are evil. I think they are amazing. When I think of the amazing things social networks can do such as take down dictators in small countries by bringing people together and then giving people outlets to let off steam with they are sick. I just think they are amazing. Thanks for replying Linda.

      • I think you bring up an extremely interesting point when you mention Weiner. He had inappropriate pictures on the internet but did he really see these women in real life? This brings up a whole new definition of cheating. If you want to call it that.

  2. KiLee

    I think sexting is an interesting topic, because most kids don’t understand the consequences of what could happen when they do such a thing. I also think it’s a topic that needs to be brought to young peoples attention!

  3. Natalie SOC369

    I believe that sextexting is a growing problem with youth today. I believe that young girls feel the need for approval and sometimes feel if they don’t send these pictures to their boyfriend or the boy they are “head over heels” for that they will leave them or think less of them. The thought of what can be done with these photos after they hit send isn’t a thought to them. Promises of “I won’t show anyone” or “your my girl and these are for me to enjoy” are the courage they need to hit send. This is a real issue and there needs to be consequences. The law needs to move forward just as fast as technology has.

  4. Amanda Soc 369

    Sexting is all to real and a growing problem. I have a son who is turning 17 this October and he receives pictures all the time from admirers who believe by showing him their “goods” he will be interested. In fact it does just the opposite. I feel that it is way to easy to snap a picture and press send, but the problems that follow could turn into somthing much more difficult.

  5. This is all very interesting. I agree with KiLee about kids doing these things with out realizing the consequences.
    My brother a honest church going hard working guy met a woman on and married her just months later.He moved to Ohio after they wed to live with her. Months go by and my brother comes back for a visit and meets a girl he was only sexually attracted to and just wanted to have fun so they sent provacative pictures and comments to eachother. He went back to Ohio after the visit still in love with his wife and happy with her. She finds these pictures and long story short he moves back to Nebraska and they divorce.
    Adults are making these mistakes daily, but why? The attention the rush, the thrill, the feelin of being wanted by someone?

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  7. Danielle Fix

    That exact scenario of someone sending one picture and the whole school seeing it happened multiple times at my school!

  8. I believe that sexting is becoming a problem and the younger generations are getting sucked into it. It seems like all the little girls that I use to know and babysit are growing up and wanting to look older than they really are and I don’t understand why. They should just enjoy being themselves and loving their high school life and not worrying about what they look like or how their hair is done for sport pictures.
    In my high school we had a sexting problem between a cheerleader and football/basketball/tracker “star”. And nothing happened between these two people and everyone wants to know why. It was simply the fact that they had the “last name” in town and their mommies and daddies could find it and it would never be brought back up again, which I think is awful because it did not teach them a lesson.

  9. Desiree Earnest

    The younger generation is in this big hurry to grow up and be an adult. Today’s media doesn’t helps influence their decisions on how they act, dress, or what they own. 10 year-old kids are walking around with cell phones these days so it’s no wonder sexting is an issue in today’s society. With the exposure to pornography early adolescent teenagers are more prone to get involved in sexual behaviors and I think would be more likely to start sexting and think it’s okay.

  10. Ashley McHugh

    I am completely stunned that people actually do this.Do people not realize that their whole life can be ruined just by hitting send? Everything they have ever worked for and all their self worth goes straight down the toilet.Your article over the history of flashing people and butts and the current problem sexting brings about new questions such as what will be the next new thing? It is quite scary to think about the damages that technology can inflict on our lives. Think before you send.

  11. Joleen Stowell

    I think sexting is becoming a bigger thing now not just because of the increase in technology which obviously is a factor creating different and more ways to communication but also because kids are growing up faster. There are girls at my Catholic School that are in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade just barely teens that are dressing like slutty girls my age. They are becoming sexual active at younger ages as well. When I was in 6th grade I was excited to have my first kiss and these little girls are thinking about things I barely even knew about then! As I am getting older it is harder for me to understand why these kids are trying to grow up so fast. I would give anything to go back to such an innocent and carefree age where the last thing on my mind was sending boys pictures of me naked or “dressing to impress”. I don’t think they are capable at that age of truly understanding what the consequences are of their actions and maybe sexting is a topic that needs to be addressed by schools. I mean kids are getting cell phones at such young ages they should at least know the proper ways to use them and what could happen to them if they decide to do something as stupid and sending nude pictures to someone else.

  12. Olivia Ash

    It is unbelievable to me that someone would put themselves in such a compromising position!! Its even worse that there are so many young men and women involved in these activities. I hope that enough awareness can get out in the media to help them understand the importance of each message they send before it affects them in a way that will impact their lives.

  13. Cody Anthony

    I believe sexting is a problem in today’s society, but I really don’t think it is as big of a problem as the blog makes it out to be. Boyfriends and girlfriends are of course going to talk dirty via text especially if they are sexually active, Im sure this has been going on for a long time, but instead of texting it was by words through a phone. I do agree with you however that the picture thing is discusting and if they really want to see each other naked, do it together in a bed behind closed doors, Im sure its alot more satisfying that way anyway.

  14. Brooke Brown

    I think its crazy that people would have that kind of trust in someone to send that sort of thing..Even if the receiver didn’t purposely show someone else, they could lose their phone or someone could just grab their phone and snoop through and see that. I would never be able to even think about sending a nude picture. I also cant believe someone can get any sort of reaction from a “dirty” text message. Its just reading, its really not that “sexy”. This is a really cool blog and it made me think about what really goes on the internet and through texting.

  15. For this being your very first blog on the subject, I think you did a great job!
    It’s a tricky game when it comes to sexting. After all if you have a bad break up.. Well any thing can happen with them messages! Just be careful!

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