The Joys of Online Dating

I am new to online dating. Actually, I suggested that my host daughter put an ad on Match.Com and in preparation for her ad I thought I would do some research.  Next thing I knew I was writing my own profile.  Of course it was to help her.  But since I am a researcher, I looked carefully at what middle-aged men were asking for while I was on the site.  It seems difficult for me to not make dating even a research project.  I found that there are a few categories of men.  First off, and there are the lonely men. These men have been dumped by their wives and they don’t know what to do with themselves.  They say they wander aimlessly around their house and want a woman to cook and clean for them.  For some reason, my first thought would be, “why don’t they hire a maid?” rather than make another woman miserable, but maybe I am missing something.  Maybe someone wants to fill the previous wife’s shoes. Just not me.  I am located in the middle of Nebraska. So the second group loves football.  Every man in who had a profile up in this are mentioned how much they love sports.  By the way they write about it they must spend their entire weekends either at the football stadium or glued to the TV set.  For a woman like me, who doesn’t like football, who was really happy when her sons quit playing in high school so I didn’t have to go to any more games, and who would rather be shopping, what am I to do with all these men to pick from who me to love football with them?  I will tell you in my next blog.


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  1. I am so proud of you to get out there and date again, its not easy to put yourself out there. Creating th profile is probably fun and at the same time difficult because how do you decribe yourself and your lifes adventures in just a couple of sentences. After you create your profile the scariest part of it all in my opinion is hitting submit. Once you do that you are open to the masses of men and women that read those and they can instantly judge your entire life by those few words.

  2. amanda wilson Soc 369

    I can totally believe that all the men are into football! as I am sitting here reading your blog with my husband cheering for the LSU tigers in the background!!! Very irritating !! Next time around I will be sure to put NO FOOTBALL LOVERS on my profile ! LOL

    • I never thought of it before either until I started reading all the ads. Maybe it is becauase they are written during football season. But I am not looking for a date and to already compete out of the gate with the TV or the Huskers!!!

  3. Joleen Stowell

    When I was at home this past weekend I was in the living room watching the Nebraska game with my father and he was appalled to find out that his own daughter did not like watching the Huskers play football. He said that my brother and sister both like to cheer them on and I was like um with I really do not care to be honest. I could definitely feel his disappointment lol. I am not into football either but it doesn’t bother me if the guy is just as long as I don’t have to sit there and watch it with him. I can go out and do my own thing (like go shopping) and be much more happy. Have you tired suggesting to the men that just want someone to clean and cook for them to get a maid? If so what was their response to that?

  4. Olivia Ash

    I think that its great that you are on these dating sites! I’m sure its definitely an interesting experience for you and an excellent research tool. I cannot relate with you on the football however because since i moved to Nebraska , and especially the last few years, I have found that I really enjoy watching the Huskers play. This doesn’t mean that I’m some crazed fan of judge people who have different points of view, it just means I will not be hanging out with them on game days :) Anyway, I cannot wait to read more of your dating stories, they are incredibly entertaining!

  5. Cory Gabehart

    I believe it is a big step to get out and explore the dating world once again. With having divorced parents, i knew it would be a matter of time before they thought about dating. This brought many questions to me. The main ones being where does someone who is 50 yrs old look?. The online resources of course. I can see why so many guys in the Nebraska area are sports fanatics and obsessed with the Huskers. We have no pro teams of any sort therefore our college football is a big deal.

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