Current Research

Letters From Vietnam

My father, Norman Gerald Kholos, was career military.  He began at age 17 in the California national guard. He joined thinking he would just stay and work in California. That wasn’t the case. In 1950, he went to Korea.   12

He left the national guards after he came home and joined the United States Air Force. Dad went to Danang Vietnam from 1970-1971 and was part of the 366 th gunfighters squadron.

After I retired I was helping clean out my parents house. I found a huge bag of letters and picture that dad wrote to mom while on tour.  He wrote everyday. While this is very much out of my areas, I’m transcribing those letters in order to put them into a book.


Scrapbooking Our Lives

I have been a long time scrapbooker.  I love doing it and the final project is great.  In fact, a survey which was first conducted in 2002 called “Scrapbooking in America” found that in 1 in 4 US households there is a person who scrapbooks.  Furthermore, the annual industry sales are estimated to be around $2.551 billion.   So, with another professor, Dr. Abby Ferber, we want to see how individual scrapbookers tell the story of their lives through pictures.  Do they only tell the good stories?  Or are the bad stories that happen to us, such as sickness, death, car accidents and more, make it into our scrapbooks.  This project is set to begin in Jan 2015.

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