About Me

After graduating from high school in Denver, CO, I went to study to become an operating room technician. I worked at the Children’s Hospital in Denver and at a small hospital in Miami. And even though the job didn’t pay much, I loved my job and the people I worked with. I learned much about the health care system which led to some of my research later on.

I decided to attend college when my two boys, Eric and Jonathan, entered elementary school. I was 31 years old and started out at a community college in Phoenix, and later transferred to Arizona State University, where I majored in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. I graduated from the Barrett’s Honor’s College. I originally thought I would like to be a therapist. But under the direction of Dr. Rose Weitz, I realized I loved research. I eventually decided to go to graduate school. In 1990, my boys and I went off to UCSB. I received my M.A. in 1992 and my Ph.D. in 1996.

My one and only job as a professor was at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I worked my way up through the ranks in 10 years. I also was the Director of Womens Studies.  Life changed for me beginning in August 2011. I became ill with an auto immune disease that sometimes just kicks my butt.  Also in April 2012, my husband, a military veteran, lost his battle with PTSD, heart disease, and diabetes.  He was only 62.

At that point, I took early retirement so I could move back to Denver to be closer to family. There is nothing like being able to be with my grandchildren, Emma, Evan, and Jesse whenever I want to make everything feel better.